Hate these News Channels..

Im very ashamed of the Indian news channels. It was 6.30 pm on 26th Nov.
Chennai and other places in Tamil Nadu were lashing with rains. All tamil news channels were concerned about the worst situation that were prevailing. There had been continuous holidays for schools and colleges all around Tamil Nadu.There had been flodds at several places.
and there was a severe cyclone formation.

When i changed to english news channels.. to mention NDTV, Times Now, Headlines today,
CNN IBN, etc. all were not even concerned of that. But when it happens to any place in the north they flash it immediately. Is it that TN is not fit for them ? i was watching the channels till 7.30 leaving all my work to see whether it is shown. I was dissapointed finally when i saw Deepika Padukone's sensational news regarding her next film overpowered the Heavy rains news in TN. Media.. Do see what is important. South india is the major producer of crops and are no less than anybody. It is a serious matter of concern.


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Saroja.. The Gethu movie of the year..

hey guys and gals,
i happened to see SAROJA movie after a long time.. Oh.. My..It  Was an absolute Thriller.
The inline comedy tracks were really cool.. i was astonished to see a tamil film WITHOUT LOVE..
Thats wat we all expect from tamil cine industry.. Different subjects and characters..

Do watch it in theaters.. Encourage such movies and enjoy..

Its Diwali time :-)

Its Diwali time and festive mood has begun.. but the worst part is i have my xams nearing.
So there comes a dilemma, whether to study or enjoy..

So be happy and be safe.. Wish everybody a happy Diwali.. :-)


Rain in Chennai !!! Awesome climate

"Chennai was as bright as usual during the start of the winter,... " .cannot understand? It was scorching like summer :-(   Suddenly there started the splendid showers.. given below is a pic taken during rain.

I had to insulate the cam from rain.. comments are welcome..

Universal Electronics LAW

After serious discussion and searching, for electronics based project,
one fine day i had an enlightment arising in me.. it gave me the universal law for electronics project(especially for "DUMMIES" like me !)


Project can neither be created nor destroyed.
It can only be transformed from one form to another..
(i meant copying :-P)..

Got it?..


GRE Word list..

Hi guys and gals,
Its GRE everywhere here.. students extensively preparing for THE test of their life..
SO i planned to include some word lists so that students could learn alog with browsing.
I have added 2 gadgets for this..
1. The first one contains Barrons and Kaplan wordlists.
    Click on browse at the top left corner of the gadget and see its magnitude  :-)
2. Its a unique one. It gives a word for a day. The best thing about it is you can REALLY HEAR to the word  and see how its PRONOUNCED... Just click on the small speaker near the word and enjoy ..!


My Favourite AR Rahman Songs

I am an ardent fan of A.R.Rahman.. As everybody knows him as a living LEGEND in the field of music.

I always find his songs to be different and absolutely amazing. The first time u listen to a song composed by him, u might fell uncomfortable.. But dont leave it.. keep hearing a couple of times.. You will get to know the depth of his music.. Here are some My Favorites from his composition. The list keeps on changing.. so keep viewing this blog for great songs.

1. Lagaan- Radha Kaise na jale , Ghanana Ghanana...

2. Pray for me brother

3.Rythm- Katre en perai kettal(Air), Nadhiye Nadhiye(water)

4. Daud- O bhavre, Shabba shabba

5. Rang de basanthi-All songs.

6. Some tamil songs.. also in the list. a way long list... NEVER ENDING ;-)

Enjoy these songs atleast once.. u'll surely appreciate me.One tip: To like ARR songs listen to it for 10 to 15 times in a single day continuously.. You'll then know( Infact "FEEL") how i "feel"..



Life explained thru a single photo..

This a gr8 photo which depicts the mindset of people. I think its true.. ;-)

Lol :-D ... No offense.. just comedy.. ;-P


Great depiction.

The world is heading towards bad times due to human intervention in the normal physiological cycle of he universe.. Here is a good depiction of whats really going on...!! Humorous and intellectual cartoon.. Think ! :-)

So, try to make yourself and the environment to enjoy, being with each other.



WHO much tall are you..?

I hav included a scale from somewhere in the internet.. it sounds interesting.. Who tall are you?

Compare your height with the Celebs all around the world. Be PROUD.. !!

Click on the picture to get a clearer view..



Online Radio stations

I have added 2 sets of ONLINE FREE Radio gadgets on the right side.. ->>>

1. Sky FM:

Click on the box to get a drop down menu.
2. Live India..
   This is probably the best gadget. It gives access to all Indian FM channels around the world..!!

Thank you, Listen and enjoy.. You might not be able to alter the volume as there is no enough space..
Still i have kept sufficient default volume for u to Enjoy the service....


Remove the DVD region problem..

Most of the DVDs .. I mean mostly movies in DVDs are associated with some region..

There are 5 regions in the DVD. Eg: US, Southeast Asia , etc.. not sure.. check it up.

Most of the DVD players produced now, work with all kind of DVDs.

For some old Players you can remve the DVD region from it.

Click the video_Ts and select the folder in ur system.

To See the website click HERE 

To download the software click HERE 



Download whole websites to CD-ROM or USB

"Websites.. They r meant to be watched thru internet ONLY.."

WHO said this.... !! It can be viewed even thru offline Mode. The moment i say this u will be familiar with the Internet Explorer's Offline Mode. But this cannot be done for all types of sites.

Here is very good software named: WEBSITE eXTRACTOR

The above is a screenshot of this software. Just type in the website and Cick download.

The whole website, its links, its images.. everything.. is downloaded with relative links.

So, wherever u copy the full folder it will work as a perfect website. You can even copy it to CD/DVD/USB

and enjoy...

To download the software click HERE

Alternate download location.. CLICK



Free Virtual Private Network

Most of us use internet to chat with others and to connect and share files.

But this becomes a tedious process when u need websites for all these.

1. Here comes the VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK (Also called VPN). It helps us to keep all our

data and messages safe and encrypted.

2. The software used here is called HAMACHI.

3. When u register a network thru this, it provides u with a special IP Address which is DIFFERENT from the IP address provided by ur ISP.

4. This helps us to connect to others thru a secured line.

5. It literally creates a LAN connection between ur pc and ur friend's. (but using internet)

 The above is the screenshot of the basic software.

To create a new network.. do the above


Chat with ur peers and friends in a most easy manner. And also to play games thru LAN.

To download the HAMACHI software click HERE 

To download directly from the Source Website click HERE



Determining CODEC used by a video file..

Hi guys.. I have worked so long in this topic..thts to find which CODEC is used by the software.

Most of the video files are avi files. so here is an ABSOLUTE FREEWARE.. There is a difference between freeware and ABSOLUTE freeware..

Freeware: Free.. But becomes out-dated. got to get a better verson with better functionality.

ABSOLUTE Freeware: Free.. No need to upgrade.. possibly in ur lifetime :-)

                                      And also provides all functionality. like ALL-IN-ONE

The software name is aFreecodecVT:

Load the required avi video and u'll get all the info which u needed and those u need it in future..

Really awesome one.. A must have for all video editing guys.

To see the website click here

To download the software click here

Enjoy the day,


Video & Audio coversion software for ALL mobile phones. !!

I came across lots of sharewares for converting my videos to put into my mobile.


Caters to all my needs. The software name is SUPER(c)  .. similar to name is its functionality

For downloading this software Click here

For viewing the website click here.

enjoy converting.. do comment if u like it.

Audio editing softwares.. FREEWARE

hi guys,

I went thru lot of websites until now in search of good audio editing softwares.

During my search and experimentation, i found these FREEWAREs to be absolutely amazing.

GoldWave: This is the software that im using presently for my all audio editing work. It can convert songs to various formats. and also can be used to mix songs.. Excellent software(provided u know to use it properly).

these r the links:

Click here to view the website

Click here to go directly to the downloads page.

Sony Acid Xpress: I did not expect SONY softwares to give such a software as a trial version.

Here u hav one limitation. U cant save the song tht u hav created( What the hell does it do if it cannot save? !!) Thats the problem. but u can record it somehow by playing it on the whole and recording thru Wave Out Mix.

Click here to goto the downloads page.

It's easy to create original music-even if you're new to loop-based music software.

Keep watching this space for converters for mobile phones.!! I hav a good one there.



How to delete Virus from USB drives ?

I've had reports from lot of my friends that they hav lot of problems due to unknown virus in the pendrives.

I have found a new method to delete some common viruses using windows.
Firstly i really got to thank linux OS-UBUNTU thru which i discovered this. But it is impossible for everybody to use linux.
I found a way tht could be done thru Windows itself.
Most of the common viruses have 2 basic files:
1.Autorun.inf -- Appears with each virus. The name doesnt differ.
2.Some executable file(.exe)

these will be usually hidden. Even if u activate the show hidden files option, you will not be able to find it.
So,BEFORE  inserting the pen drive goto My Computer->Tools->Folder Options->Show hidden files and folders.
click that and press "Apply".
Now insert the pen drive. open it. You can see 2 dull icons. One is autorun.inf and the other exe file..
Hurray !! u have found the virus. Now just like any other file select these 2 and delete it.

I assure, ur drive is absolutely free from virus...!

PS: This is the best discovery i've made until now. use it and enjoy!!

New Gadgets added .. !!

Hi evry1,
I hav added a few gadgets for ur use..

1. Rapidshare files search-Search for files in rapidshare or megaupload.
2. Bookmark - bookmark my page in various sites...
3. what is ur ip gadget-- at the end of this page..

have fun.

How to download movies from the internet ?

hi friends,
I've got lot of queries from my friends regarding movie downloads.
With the emerging broadband connections, more downloading is going on.

NOTE: It is Absolutely illegal to download movies from the internet.
Just think about the efforts all the technicians put into work !!
Think ! Think !
1. download a good client- may be uTorrent or BitLord.
2. go to good torrent provider website. I prefer www.isohunt.com
3.type the song or video.. download the torrent
4.then open the file with the torrent software u've installed..
5. thats it..! after downloading enjoy..
6. Last Step: Think once again about the efforts they've put.( not in the context of downloading a new movie. but to WATCH them in THEATRES ! :-)


New set of punch dialogues.

These r the new set of punch dialogues.. I hav again posted this new set due to popular demand.. !!!

1. kanna puriadhavanuku na oru pudhir,purinjavanuku na oru vidai da...!!

2. arali vedhaya arachi saaptaalum, nee enna morachaalum, unakku ore gathithaan..

3. kanna car'uku iruku naalu tyre'u..en kannula iruku paaru fire'u...!

4. idhu adi thangina udambu illa....idi thangura udambu da..

5. Neenga ellam thairiyama irukka madri nadikringa... Naan bayapadra madri nadikren.. En veshathai kalaika vachuratha..

Bored with that stupid MS Office assistant.. ???

Got bored with the old office assistant ?.. check this new one..
I BET you'll like it.. :-P

Formal Apology...

Hi guys.. Donot know how to apologise for the prank u did???
Don worry.. this is a really cool format for apology. Highly hilarious..
Do read this fully... click on the pic if ur unable to see clearly.

One of the best pics which moved me a lot.. :--)

Awesome message from the plank he's holding.. do comment..

Some Extraordinary GUI in pc..

These r some damn cool menu and messages, which evry professional dies to hav it in his/her PC.. check this out.

Another set of cool pics..

I came across these fascinating comical pics on the net. do comment on these.

And last but not the least.. the best picture i've seen..

Some really cool pics i came acros..

These r some pics sent by my friends.. which i felt were awesome.

Ladies and Gentlemen.. Allow me to present these splendid photos...
the last 2 pics depict the fuel price rise :-P

oops.. sorry for the formal intro.. wanted to make it pro.. will get it right some day !!

Different Clock that uses only 9..

Heres apic of the clock which uses only 9 to represent all the nos. in there.

Some Interesting QUOTES

1. An interesting line written at the back of a Biker's T Shirt:" If you are able to see this, Please tell me that my girlfriend has fallen off"
2.Employee: Boss, Now i have got married..! Please increase my salary..!
BOSS: Factory is not responsible for accidents occuring outside the company..!
3.What is a Fear?
Fear is the Deep, Wrenching feeling in your stomach When pages of your book still smell newandJust few hours left for your exams..!
4.Girl: Do you have Cards with sentimental Love quotes?
Shopkeeper: Oh sure..@! How about this card, it says "To the only boy I ever loved.!"
Girl: Thats good, Give me 12 of them..!
5.After reading the form filled by an applicant..
The employer said: " WE do have an opening for you..!
Applicant: What is it?Interviewer: Its called the "door..!"

Hurray !!! Exams r over

Exams r finally over... i am officially a "FINAL YEAR GUY"..
Holidays have started and i have also started watching my favourite movies.
Keep watching this blog.. I have plans of writing reviews on the movies i watch.
i'll try to make it ONE MOVIE REVIEW PER DAY.. Doesn't that sound gr8 !!!

Dasavatharam Pics

I came across these cool pics from kamal's DASAVATHARAM.

here r some more:

still hav some more stills.. let us wait for Dasavatharam's music release, which is going to happen soon..

New website address..

hi friends,
did u know that u can also access my blog using easily memorizable website address??

here it is.. www.shyamprasad.tk

moreover, send in your mails to: mailme@shyamprasad.tk

if you need mail id such as : "yourname"@shyamprasad.tk contact me immediately..
PS: only 4 ids remaining... just post a comment here. i will try my best to reply asap..

Some more punch dialogues

1. Result naal terinjuruchuna Leave naal naragam aayidum.. Santhosham daan mukkiyam!!!
By- Sivaji padam paarthu exama kottai vitta Rajini rasigargal!

2.Pant Pottu Muttipoda mudiyum aanaaa muttipottu pant poda mudiyumaa...........

3.Irukkurappa enna daan complan, bournvita kudichalum sethadukkapram ellarukkum pal daan…

4. Pache molagale pache irukkum aana kodemolagale kode irukkuma

5. Kovil maniya namma adicha saththam varum... aana kovil mani nammala adicha raththam than varum....

New punch dialogues...

I found these interesting punch dialogues somewhere on the net... here it goes..(post comments....If u like it ;-)

1. Calender la thedi a kzhikurathu mukiyam illa andha thedi la namba enna kzhicham dan mukiyam...

2. Arisiya aracha mavu ...
enna moracha savu...

3. Running race la kaal evlo than vegama odinaalum, parisennavo kaikkuthan kedaikkum

4. Unakku parambara parambaraiyaa ukkandhu saapida kaasu irundhaalum..........fast food restaurantla ninnu dhaan saapidanum.....

5. Engineering colllege le padcha engineer avalam presidency college le padicha president ava mudiyuma

Linux audio editing

I was searching the internet for a good audio workstation, which could probably work in linux. To my surprise i found most of the high-end audio editing softwares were free of cost...:-) One such software is the CINELERRA , which has both video and audio capability. Bu it needs a "minimal" config like 4gb ram, 200gb hdd, graphics card and opteron processor.
So i wanted a better software for audo editing alone, which would suite my configuration.. then i found ARDOUR

look at this pic and u will surely know its magnitude.awsome gui... windows cannot match linux`s performance...
PS: I also heard that CINELERRA in linux can be compared on par with Final cut studio in Mac, with respect to functionality.

some of the cool punch dialogues..

i heard of these cool punch dialogues.. the list will be updated periodically..

1.சிங்கம் செத்து போனாலும், கெத்து போகாது.
2.நீ பேசுனா நாய்சு, நான் பேசுனா அது வாய்சு.

i remember only these now.. will keep the word..

My newest sangam(club)

Im proud to announce about the new sangam tht we had created in our class..
thats KV2 or KVV.The members are:
1.Shyam Prasad... (Of course me... cant get a better leader!!)
2.Satish Rajan.. Co-leader. -- It was his idea to start this club.
3.Gopinath.. treasurer
4.Sanjay Prabhu
5.Shyam Sundar ...External consultant (officiall not a part of the sangam)

There r still lots of others who r eligible in my class.. but i will succeed one day in making them all join in my club.

Shortly called as KVsquared..