Hate these News Channels..

Im very ashamed of the Indian news channels. It was 6.30 pm on 26th Nov.
Chennai and other places in Tamil Nadu were lashing with rains. All tamil news channels were concerned about the worst situation that were prevailing. There had been continuous holidays for schools and colleges all around Tamil Nadu.There had been flodds at several places.
and there was a severe cyclone formation.

When i changed to english news channels.. to mention NDTV, Times Now, Headlines today,
CNN IBN, etc. all were not even concerned of that. But when it happens to any place in the north they flash it immediately. Is it that TN is not fit for them ? i was watching the channels till 7.30 leaving all my work to see whether it is shown. I was dissapointed finally when i saw Deepika Padukone's sensational news regarding her next film overpowered the Heavy rains news in TN. Media.. Do see what is important. South india is the major producer of crops and are no less than anybody. It is a serious matter of concern.


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