New set of punch dialogues.

These r the new set of punch dialogues.. I hav again posted this new set due to popular demand.. !!!

1. kanna puriadhavanuku na oru pudhir,purinjavanuku na oru vidai da...!!

2. arali vedhaya arachi saaptaalum, nee enna morachaalum, unakku ore gathithaan..

3. kanna car'uku iruku naalu tyre'u..en kannula iruku paaru fire'u...!

4. idhu adi thangina udambu illa....idi thangura udambu da..

5. Neenga ellam thairiyama irukka madri nadikringa... Naan bayapadra madri nadikren.. En veshathai kalaika vachuratha..

Bored with that stupid MS Office assistant.. ???

Got bored with the old office assistant ?.. check this new one..
I BET you'll like it.. :-P

Formal Apology...

Hi guys.. Donot know how to apologise for the prank u did???
Don worry.. this is a really cool format for apology. Highly hilarious..
Do read this fully... click on the pic if ur unable to see clearly.

One of the best pics which moved me a lot.. :--)

Awesome message from the plank he's holding.. do comment..

Some Extraordinary GUI in pc..

These r some damn cool menu and messages, which evry professional dies to hav it in his/her PC.. check this out.

Another set of cool pics..

I came across these fascinating comical pics on the net. do comment on these.

And last but not the least.. the best picture i've seen..

Some really cool pics i came acros..

These r some pics sent by my friends.. which i felt were awesome.

Ladies and Gentlemen.. Allow me to present these splendid photos...
the last 2 pics depict the fuel price rise :-P

oops.. sorry for the formal intro.. wanted to make it pro.. will get it right some day !!

Different Clock that uses only 9..

Heres apic of the clock which uses only 9 to represent all the nos. in there.