Dasavatharam Pics

I came across these cool pics from kamal's DASAVATHARAM.

here r some more:

still hav some more stills.. let us wait for Dasavatharam's music release, which is going to happen soon..

New website address..

hi friends,
did u know that u can also access my blog using easily memorizable website address??

here it is.. www.shyamprasad.tk

moreover, send in your mails to: mailme@shyamprasad.tk

if you need mail id such as : "yourname"@shyamprasad.tk contact me immediately..
PS: only 4 ids remaining... just post a comment here. i will try my best to reply asap..

Some more punch dialogues

1. Result naal terinjuruchuna Leave naal naragam aayidum.. Santhosham daan mukkiyam!!!
By- Sivaji padam paarthu exama kottai vitta Rajini rasigargal!

2.Pant Pottu Muttipoda mudiyum aanaaa muttipottu pant poda mudiyumaa...........

3.Irukkurappa enna daan complan, bournvita kudichalum sethadukkapram ellarukkum pal daan…

4. Pache molagale pache irukkum aana kodemolagale kode irukkuma

5. Kovil maniya namma adicha saththam varum... aana kovil mani nammala adicha raththam than varum....

New punch dialogues...

I found these interesting punch dialogues somewhere on the net... here it goes..(post comments....If u like it ;-)

1. Calender la thedi a kzhikurathu mukiyam illa andha thedi la namba enna kzhicham dan mukiyam...

2. Arisiya aracha mavu ...
enna moracha savu...

3. Running race la kaal evlo than vegama odinaalum, parisennavo kaikkuthan kedaikkum

4. Unakku parambara parambaraiyaa ukkandhu saapida kaasu irundhaalum..........fast food restaurantla ninnu dhaan saapidanum.....

5. Engineering colllege le padcha engineer avalam presidency college le padicha president ava mudiyuma

Linux audio editing

I was searching the internet for a good audio workstation, which could probably work in linux. To my surprise i found most of the high-end audio editing softwares were free of cost...:-) One such software is the CINELERRA , which has both video and audio capability. Bu it needs a "minimal" config like 4gb ram, 200gb hdd, graphics card and opteron processor.
So i wanted a better software for audo editing alone, which would suite my configuration.. then i found ARDOUR

look at this pic and u will surely know its magnitude.awsome gui... windows cannot match linux`s performance...
PS: I also heard that CINELERRA in linux can be compared on par with Final cut studio in Mac, with respect to functionality.

some of the cool punch dialogues..

i heard of these cool punch dialogues.. the list will be updated periodically..

1.சிங்கம் செத்து போனாலும், கெத்து போகாது.
2.நீ பேசுனா நாய்சு, நான் பேசுனா அது வாய்சு.

i remember only these now.. will keep the word..

My newest sangam(club)

Im proud to announce about the new sangam tht we had created in our class..
thats KV2 or KVV.The members are:
1.Shyam Prasad... (Of course me... cant get a better leader!!)
2.Satish Rajan.. Co-leader. -- It was his idea to start this club.
3.Gopinath.. treasurer
4.Sanjay Prabhu
5.Shyam Sundar ...External consultant (officiall not a part of the sangam)

There r still lots of others who r eligible in my class.. but i will succeed one day in making them all join in my club.

Shortly called as KVsquared..