Should a dive steam in the unlucky volunteer?

Should a dive steam in the unlucky volunteer?


Parting friends...

This is my first personal post on my blog. I planned to write it after feeling very bad about leaving my friends after the 4 year friendship. Technically speaking, evrybody was in touch with each other on orkut or facebook. But Everbody felt as though they are going to miss something. I was really moved by my friends and i wept in my heart, although others showed it out. I could not sleep tight on the day farewell took place. I could see the feelings from their eyes and that is the real sign of frienship we nurtured for the 4 long years. My classmates are one of the kind and i thank god for giving them to me.. I hope this friendship lasts forever.

Sorry for making it tooooo formal. I finally expressed something that was coming out of my heart.. !!


Hard Rock.. Metal... EEEEEE !!

hi all,

I came across this cool pic while browsing and decided to write abt it..

This whole point of listening to hard rock, metal, etc.. all these stuff has become a fashion now-a-days.
I've seen guys trying to be "DUDEs" listening to this music, without any real-interest towards it.
The high volume in such songs is really enough to disrupt any kind of loud conversation that may occur in the world.
I appreciate people who listen to that kind of music with real interest. In case u find a person faking, to like metal and hard rock, just scold them with bad words, such tat he/she should remember the words wen they hear the music for next time..

Am i making a point here... ? May be not.. This is just an update post to check whether my blogger account is working !!! :-P Anyways, spread the word ...


HI, again after a long time

Wishes to evrybody who had kept looking for updates on my blog(though i did not do so much). I have had enough comments from my friends of my regularity in updating this blog :-P

So, I've decided to write more this time in a periodic fashion.. Keep watching the blog for newer updates..


RAM(Random Access Mem) Prices up. . !

It all started with my computer creating lot of problem without a proper antivirus.
Somehow my system got loaded with plenty of virus in windows(so using linux now).. I wanted to reinstall windows and so thought of increasing my RAM( presently 128 + 128 MB = 256 MB, which is now an antique.).  A month back i got a 1GB ram for my frnd and it cost 1400( Transcend). Suddenly the prices increased to Rs.1950+ .. And some other brand rose to 1750.. The whole point of writing this post is that i need to know who actually fixes these prices.. ? Any idea. do let me know.. Im absolutely confused over this issue.
Few questions that arouse in my mind :
1. Is government increasing the tax ?
2. Are the shop owners joining together and fixing a price ?
3. The old RAMs work with the same speed as the new ones.. whats different here ?
4. Finally.. Why are they screwing my head, when im really in need of one. !!

If you cud help me out here, plz answer these questions.
i would wait for ur comments before purchasing. So do comment soon, cause my system is getting eaten up..


Im going to give download links..... But wid a twist.

hi ppl,
I always saw that people used download links of latest albums(mp3 's) as a way for improving the site rating.
I thought i could do the same thing. But I got to be different in some way( and i should not be caught by federal laws..) So i planned to give a description on how to procure the link rather than giving it directly. And to add my part in it i will give you the best quality 320 kbps song links. You can also request the album u need by putting it in comment. I will possibly try to find it asap.  To start with, Here is the link for Delhi 6 songs,

1.Go to
2. In search bar type, "download delhi 6 mp3 320 kbps"
3.Click the first result. This will lead u into
4.Select the "View story" below the title.
5. there u go.. !! u hav the links in ur hand.


Delhi 6 songs rock....

I recently heard the songs of Delhi 6- Abishek Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor starrer.
Music Director for this movie is A.R.Rahman. With a total of 10 songs, this album takes us back to some
of the past tunes, plus the usual Rahman touch, which has given it a sensational feeling.

1. Masakkali- I liked this song so much that i heard it atleast 10 times on the first go.
The singer Mohit Chauhan has a silvery voice. Oh.. my.., without any kind of complex stuff,
 his song still gets a thumbs up..
2. Arziyan- Sung by Kailash Kher, sounds gr8 when heard twice or thrice.
3. Hey kaala bandhar- Sung by Karthik and co., is really superb. Its gr8 having Karthik getting one more
oppurtunity in Hindi ( After the "bekha" hit song). He has utilized it to the max.
Finally the rap in between the lines are understandable to an extent.
4. Delhi 6- The rap by blazee is cool.. with understandable wordings..(at last !!)
And this song portrays some of the cool beats of Rahman.
Other songs are really nice, but i felt they could be better when viewed with the movie. 
 Waiting eagerly to watch the movie..

Started Photography.. !

I always wanted to take photos wen i did not have a camera phone. And i would also get perfect locations sans my camera. Thanks to my bro, he gave me a cam phone. But with camera phone in hand i find it difficult to get goot shots.
Still i wanted to take random shots as a beginner. Here are some of these..

Sorry.. Cud not include photos here due to some errors.
But still planning to upload some more photos in flickr. Do keep Checking for some exciting pics(.. atleast exciting for me :-P )


A "MUST SEE" awesome video.

hi all,
i heard about this person called Jeff Dunham recently,from my frieng ragav.
He is a ventriloquist and can make upto 3 different voices. I came across this excellent video. plz check it out..

Its about a dead terrorist named "Achmed". Awesome eye movements.